What is myklassroom.com?
Myklassroom.com is a cloud-based social e-learning platform which helps teachers and educational institutions to connect and collaborate with students using a variety of features to make learning interactive and fun.
What does cloud-based means?
Cloud-based online platform means you do not have to install any software in your computer to use myklassroom.com. You can access it through an internet browser when connected to the internet.
Who can use myklassroom.com?
Individual teachers, k-12 schools, higher educational institutions, distance learning institutions and test preparation institutions.
What does myklassroom.com provide its users?
Myklassroom.com helps teachers and educational institutions to
  1. Share secure content
  2. Conduct online test/assessments
  3. Publish online assignments
  4. Send alerts/notification and announcements.
  5. Discussion forum for online community
  6. Take online live lecture
  7. Create online video discussion forums
  8. Provide progress reports on student performance
  9. Instant chat
  10. and much more...
I am a teacher, what should I do?

For Individual teacher sign up: Teachers can sign up for free and start using our services instantly.Sign up here for free. Teachers can create a course and ask students to sign up to myklassroom.com using the "Course Code" for the course you had created. All the features outlined in the features page will be available for the teachers. Check on it here

For teachers signed up through their institutions: Teachers who are accessing myklassroom.com through their institution will get a sign up email which will be sent by your institution. Once you recieve a sign up email click on the "sign up now " to login by setting a password. You can use the features of myklassroom.com as instructed by your institution.

I run a distance education (or Test prep) institution, what should I do?
Myklassroom.com provides a trail version for institutions to use and find the best fit for your requirements. To use a trail version, please sign up here. During the duration of the trail version a myklassroom expert will support you for the entire period of the trail. Only after you are satisfied about using myklassroom.com you will have to start paying for our platform.Contact a myklassroom expert for more information here.