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Now,what is a social learning platform?

Unlike conventional LMS, a social learning platform addresses the needs of the learner through effective engagement rather than being just a collection of feature sets and repository of content

Share Content

Apart from the rich set of content (created by scholars around the world ) you can share your own notes as PDF, word, presentations or youtube videos. It also allows learners to share interesting content to theirs peers.

Send Announcements

Communicate learners with ease. Intimate all important announcements through email and SMS* notification.

Use it on the go

Myklassroom.com being a responsive site, it can be accessed through any portable device using a browser. Or you can download our android mobile app from Play Store. Click here


Lets you create and conduct online tests along with a wide range of pre-loaded tests for your students. Create, view and evaluate online assignments with ease.

All the reports you need

Access a wide range of reports like student performance, usage, activity report, exam reports, attendance reports etc., to better understand your learner community.

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

- William Arthur Ward

MyKlassroom is a technology tool for all you great teachers out there to effectively engage with your students at all time.

Learning happens everywhere, all the time and we are there to ensure that your connected with learning community when it happens.

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Your classroom in the cloud

You can create a classroom anywhere and at anytime and collaborate with fellow teachers and students. Everything you need in one place.

Its Easy

Easy to setup the system and start using from day one. With extended support from the myklassroom team the usage becomes even easier.

Reduced Workload

Time and effort is reduced for the teachers by providing then with effective online tools for assessment and collaboration along with reports and progress chart for every student.

Increased Engagement

With rich notification mechanism myklassroom is able to increase the engagement of the students with platform which helps teachers collaborate effectively.

Its Simple

Simple to use features and UI which makes the experience very intuitive for you.

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What our Clients say?

I have been thunder struck by the advantages that come from sharing information in Myklassroom platform.

B. Ramesh, Asst. Professor, Computer Science Sankara college of Science and Commerce

It's one of the best experiences in teaching learning process.

D.Subha, Asst. Professor, Computer Science Sankara college of Science and Commerce

Myklassroom.com makes the novice to improve their knowledge and become accustomed to transform learning practice from content learning to deep learning.

D.Shona, Asst. Professor, Computer Science Sri Krishna Arts and Science College

Myklassroom becomes my close friend helping me to enhance my study skills, helping me to think out of the box, helping me to be creative enough..

Student Sankara college of Science and Commerce


Our Clients