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Sri. Venkateswara College of Engineering

TNEA Code : 1219

Location: Sriperumbudur


Government College of Technology, Coimbatore

TNEA Code : 2005

Location: Coimbatore


Mepco Schlenk Engineering College

TNEA Code : 4960

Location: Virudhunagar


St.Joseph's College of Engineering

TNEA Code : 1317

Location: Kancheepuram


Kumaraguru College Of Technology

TNEA Code : 2712

Location: Coimbatore


Jeppiaar Engineering College

TNEA Code : 1306

Location: Kancheepuram


Bannari Amman Institute of Technology (Autonomous)

TNEA Code : 2702

Location: Sathyamangalam


University Departments of Anna University of Tech. Tiruchirapalli

TNEA Code : 3011

Location: Tiruchirappalli


Rajalakshmi Engineering College

TNEA Code : 1211

Location: Kancheepuram


Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology

TNEA Code : 4959

Location: Virudhunagar


Pavendar Bharathidasan College of Engineering and Technology

TNEA Code : 3815

Location: Trichirappalli


Arunai Engineering College

TNEA Code : 1504

Location: Thiruvannamalai


K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous)

TNEA Code : 2607

Location: Namakkal


Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management

TNEA Code : 1110

Location: Thiruvallur


Adhiyamaan College of Engineering (Autonomous)

TNEA Code : 2601

Location: Krishnagiri


Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and Technology

TNEA Code : 1409

Location: Kancheepuram


P S R Engineering College

TNEA Code : 4965

Location: Virudhunagar


Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology

TNEA Code : 1217

Location: Thiruvallur


Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women

TNEA Code : 2620

Location: Tiruchengode


Madha Engineering College

TNEA Code : 1411

Location: Kancheepuram

Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems or living organisms to make or modify products or processes for specific use. It refers to the use of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, or biological substances such as enzymes, to perform specific industrial or manufacturing processes. Applications include production of certain drugs, synthetic hormones, and bulk foodstuffs as well as bioconversion of organic waste. Bio- Technology is concerned with variety of subjects including Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Chemistry and Engineering. Biotechnology has wide areas of application in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, development of Medicines and Vaccine, treatment of prolonged disease, pollution control and waste management and ecological conservation, energy production and conservation and many more.


What does a Bio Tech Engineer do?


  • Bio-Tech Engineers involve in medical processes such as getting organisms to produce new drugs, or using stem cells to regenerate damaged human tissues and re-grow entire organs.

  • Biotechnologist involves industrial processes such as the production of new chemicals or the development of new preservative that can be used for food storage.

  • Bio- Tech Engineers deal with medical devices, instruments used in hospitals & medical labs.

  • Bio Tech Engineers also deal with bioinformatics which involves the use applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, chemistry, and biochemistry

  • Biotechnology experts develop a hybrid plants and involves such processes as the development of pest-resistant grains or the accelerated evolution of disease-resistant animals.


What is the future for a Bio Technology graduate?


  • Bio Technologist can be employed in pharmaceutical companies, chemical, food processing, agriculture and allied industries. Bio-Tech Engineers can find the opportunities in any of the following category

  • Bio-Instrumentation Engineer in the medical instruments manufacturing / maintenance firms

  • Clinical Engineer in the hospitals, deal with the develop and maintain computer database of medical instruments and equipment record

  • As Orthopedic Bio-Engineer, responsible for the design and development of artificial joints

  • Genetic Engineer, in the pharmaceutical & bio-medical companies

  • Research scientists or assistants in the Research laboratories working in the area of pharmaceutical, genetic engineering & food processing.....

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Career Prospects

Like the IT sector, Biotechnology in India is also throwing up tremendous scope for growth and is contributing to the total biotech market worth US$100 billion. The country has a global market worth US$91 billion and there is scope for cheap R&D through bio-partnering and co-developing technologies mainly with Chinese and American companies. More and more global pharmacy companies are seeking India to set their research and development centres here. 

A biotechnologist may find jobs in various quarters. In India, students can mainly explore job options in the following fields:


  • Drug and pharmaceutical research
  • Public funded laboratories
  • Chemicals
  • Environment control
  • Waste management
  • Energy
  • Food processing industries
  • Bio-processing industries

The government institutes and organisations, such as Department of Biotechnology (DBT), several agriculture, dairy and horticulture institutes offer employment to Biotechnology professionals. 

In the private sector, there are tremendous job openings for biotechnologists. Drug companies in biotechnology like Dabur, Ranbaxy, Hindustan Lever, Dr. Reddy's Labs that have their R & D units offer Biotechnology professional with handsome pay-package. There are also ample opportunities available for biotechnologists in the food processing industry, chemical industry and the textile industry.


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