Reservation details for Engineering - Anna University

Reservation has been a way for the government to uplift the lower segment of our community.

The pie chart below shows the details of reservation of engineering seats to different segments of our society.

Tamil Nadu native candidates alone will be considered for communal reservations.

Reservation details for Engineering - Anna University

Candidates seeking admission against ST/ SC / MBC & DNC / BC / BCM (BC Muslim) quota should obtain the certificates of social status issued by the competent authority in the prescribed Permanent Community Card in Tamil Nadu and enclose an attested copy of the same along with the application.

(a) The applicants from Tamil Nadu State should have a valid permanent community certificate in the card format issued by the competent authority (for ST/SC/MBC & DNC and BC in the format prescribed by the Government of Tamil Nadu in G.O. Ms. No. 781 (Revenue Department) dated: 02.05.1988. This is applicable for BCM (BC Muslim) also. In the case of ST candidates, the community certificate should have been issued by the Revenue Divisional Officer / P.A. (General) to the Collector of Chennai / Sub-Collector of the District concerned (except Chennai) vide Govt. Lr. No. 32061/ADWII/89-2, dt: 27.12.1989 and Lr. No. 21424/ADWII/94-4, dt: 15.11.1994 from the Secretary to Government, Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department, Chennai - 600 009. The Permanent Community Certificate Card issued to ST candidates by Tahsildars upto 11.11.1989 is valid.

(b) Community Certificate obtained from other states will not be considered for communal reservation.

(c) For communities linked with Districts (See Annexure-l) the candidates should obtain their community certificate in the respective districts. Community certificate obtained from other than the respective district will not be considered.

(d) If a candidate belongs to any one of Code No. 1 to 5 in item No. 9 in the application he/she should furnish an attested copy of Permanent Community Card Certificate. Candidates who have not furnished an attested copy of the Permanent Community Card Certificate at the time of submission of the application will be treated as belonging to General Category (OC).

They are further informed that in the event of such a decision, the eligibility conditions & rules prescribed for General Category will be applicable for such candidates and if such candidates do not satisfy the rules of General Category (OC), their applications are liable to be rejected. No correspondence in this connection will be entertained.

(e) ST / SC / MBC & DNC / BC / BCM (BC Muslim) candidates are eligible for selection under Open Competition in addition to the reservations made for them.

(f) The community recorded in the certificate of Tamil Nadu native candidate should figure in the list of communities approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu

Special Categories

Apart from the general reservation of seats Anna University also provides reservation for the following special categories

Children of ex-service men: 150 
Children of freedom fighters: 10
Physically Handicapped - 3 % (Orthopedic- 1% / Hearing impaired 1% / Visual impaired 1%)  
Sports Quota 100


Candidates claiming admission against the reservation of seats under Children of ex-service men, Children of freedom fighters and Physically Handicapped should enclose

Certificate in the format (Certificate No. II on Page No. 20) given in the information and instructions to candidates from an officer of the Department of Ex-servicemen, Welfare of Tamil Nadu not below the rank of Assistant Director of Ex-servicemen, Welfare of the district of which the dependent is a native. Candidates called for counseling should produce ID cards of their parents.

(ii) Candidates claiming admission against the reservation under Children of freedom fighter should enclose the certificate as per format given in Certificate III on Page No. 21. In addition they should also enclose a copy of the Jail Extracts or in its absence, Co-prisoner Certificate or certificate from Ex-Chief Minister or Ex-Minister or Ex-member of Legislature or Ex-member of Parliament as evidence that the Parent of the candidate is a Freedom Fighter suffered imprisonment for a period not less than one month subject to verification wherever it is found necessary.

(iii) Candidates seeking admission against the reservation Physically handicapped set apart for orthopedically Physically Challenged / Hearing impaired (Deaf) / Visually Impaired should produce the certificate from the Medical Board of the District concerned certifying the nature and extent of disability in percentage and with regard to his/her suitability for admission to Engineering Colleges specifically mentioned below and in the format appended to this application (Certificate No. IV/V/VI) respectively. Certificates obtained from an individual Doctor will not be considered.

Eligibility criteria for various disabilities

Norms for Orthopedic Disability

Candidates with permanent physical impairment of 40% and above are considered as disabled. The candidates with orthopedic disability of the following types are eligible for claiming Engineering Admission against Physically Challenged category (Certificate No. IV on Page No. 22)

  1. Independent in ambulance with or without calipers but without walking aids.

  2. Good Standing Balance without calipers but without any support.

  3. Hand Function with normal limit without any aid

  4. Good control over bladder & bowel

  5. Disease must be non progressive

Norms for Hearing Disability

Candidates with hearing ability of 40 db and above only in the better ear with speech discrimination score of 50% and above are considered disabled and hence eligible for claiming Engineering Admissions against Physically Challenged category (Certificate No. V on Page No. 23).

Norms for Vision Impairment

Candidates with low vision of 40% and above are considered as disabled, and hence eligible for claiming Engineering

Admission against Physically Challenged category (Certificate No. VI on Page No. 24).

Low Vision: Person with low vision means a person with impairment of vision of less than 6/18 to 6/60 with best correction in the better eye or impairment of field in any one of the following categories:

  1. Reduction of fields less than 50 degrees.

  2. Heminaopia with macular involvement

  3. Attitudinal defect involving lower fields categories of Visual Disability all with correction

ONE EYED persons with normal vision are not considered as disabled.

Seat allocation in Engineering Colleges

Total Seats

Government Reservation Seats

Private seats

Anna University 5920 5920 0
Government Colleges 2825 2825 0
Government Aided Colleges 1930 1544 386
Minority Institutions 44255 22128 22127
Private Colleges (Not Minority Institutions) 111320 75608 35712
Reservation details for Engineering - Anna University
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