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Out of State - Who is eligible to apply for Anna University Counseling?

Can I authorize someone else to attend the counseling?

Due to unforeseen and unavoidable reasons, if a candidate is unable to attend the counselling on the specified date and time, he/she can authorize his/her parent on his/her behalf and the parent decision will be binding on the candidate.

What if I cannot attend the counseling?

What if my marks/ rank change after re-totaling?

If the ranking of candidate is changed due to re-totaling/revaluation of mark, he/she can attend counseling as per the new mark and rank, though the call letter specifies different date (as per original mark).

What are the documents I need to organize before counseling?

How is the cut-off and ranking calculated?

The selection of candidates will be on the basis of the marks obtained in the prescribed subjects in the qualifying examination.

The academic marks in the prescribed subjects will be reduced to 200. (Mathematics 100, Physics + Chemistry =100) which will be considered for Ranking.


Candidate scores 188 in Math, 190 in Physics 196 in Chemistry

Cut-off is = (188/2) +((190+196)/4) = 190.5


The candidate with the highest cut-off is ranked no 1

I am from CBSE or ICSE, how is my cut-off calculated?

Tamil Nadu Acts No.3 of 2007, dt: 05.03.2007 and G.O. (Ms) No.77 HE (J2) Dept, dt: 05.04.2007, the marks obtained by the students in the relevant subjects in the qualifying examination conducted by various Boards or Authority shall be equated with the marks obtained by the students in the same subjects in the qualifying examination conducted by the State Board of Tamil Nadu by adopting the method of normalization.


If the highest mark secured by the student of State Board of Tamil Nadu in Physics is 100 and the highest marks secured by a student of any other Board in the same subject is 90 both the highest marks will be considered to be equal to 100. If a student of the other Board secures 60 marks in Physics when the first mark in Physics in the same Board is 90, 60 marks will be considered to be equal to 66.66 marks as arrived below

100 x 60 = 66.66%


After normalization of marks in the relevant subjects in the qualifying examination conducted by different Boards, the qualified students shall be merged into a common merit list.

A merit list will be prepared based on the total marks of 200. In cases where more than one candidate have got the same marks in the common merit list, the inter-se merit among such candidates shall be determined in the order of priority as specified below

(1) Percentage of marks in Mathematics, (2) Percentage of marks in Physics, (3) Percentage of marks in the fourth optional subject, (4) Date of Birth (elder will be given preference) and (5) Random number assigned (higher value will be given preference).

Planning for out of station colleges

Now, if you are forced to send your child to an outstation college that is far away from your hometown as your child did not get a seat in the college close to your hometown through counseling.

If the child studies from a hostel environment apart from learning to give-in, they would be good for their future too.

How to plan the finances?

Ensure that the college you are admitting your child claims only payments in accordance to the fees details provided in the prospectus or booklet. Well, if the management demands more than the amount provided in the prospectus you could send a note to the Directorate of Technical Education concerning the issue.

Make sure to present yourself on the specified date in the college of you had selected. Do not absent yourself due to money matters. If you have any problems regarding money matters make a request to the college authorities, which they could consider. If you are slackened in this regard, your child would have face unnecessary problems that would lead to a bad remark on his name right from the beginning itself.

Check out for educational loans from major nationalized banks

What are the special quotas available for TNEA?

Know the various categories by which students are admitted through single window counseling in Tamil Nadu. Some of the allotments are Sports quota, Ex-servicemen quota, Differently-abled quota and caste based allotment.

Who should submit Nativity Certificate?

Candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu having studied VIII, IX, X, XI & XII Std or their equivalent examination in Tamil Nadu need not enclose a Nativity Certificate

However, students having passed any of these classes VIII, IX, X, XI & XII Std or their equivalent examination outside Tamil Nadu should enclose a Nativity Certificate.

Other state candidates having studied VIII, IX, X, XI & XII Std in Tamil Nadu need not enclose Nativity Certificate, but are eligible for open competition only.

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