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Sankara Polytechnic College
Sankara Polytechnic College, Coimbatore featured in the Innovators Campaign of Myklassroom.

“The Digital India” project is one of the top priority projects of Modi Administration which ensures Digital Literacy for all in the country. There are only a handful of institutions and individuals who have harnessed the power of technology for improving the quality of education for their students and their digital literacy. Even before the implementation of “The Digital India” initiative, a polytechnic college in a tier-II city like Coimbatore understood the importance of technology and their benefits for their institution. Sankara Polytechnic College (SPC) which has been running for over 30 years believed in the power of technology to improve the standard of their teaching and learning process.

The simple yet effective innovation

SPC provides six different diploma courses (Click here to know more) and all their courses are inclined heavily on practical study. So the management decided to make video lessons for their students and post it on a social learning platform ( and allow their students to access it anytime and from anywhere. Talking to Principal Priyesh and Mr. Sathyanarayanan on why they started making videos lessons to students, the principal says “Gone are those days where students are taught everything in the classroom. Students today have very less attention span, so it becomes very difficult to retain the attention of students for an hour in a class by just the teacher delivering a lecture. Hence, it becomes important to provide an environment for students to learn whenever and wherever they want with help of such interactive tools.”

What SPC does is that they make short videos of all their practical classes for all their courses and they make it available for students in an online learning platform like Students can access these videos along with other notes, tests etc through their computers, smartphones or any other devices that connect to the internet. All the videos are taken by the teachers themselves and the Principal is very proud of the effort and dedication of the teachers in making these videos.

The need for innovation

“Normally students attend one or two practical classes every week for each subject and it is very likely that students tend to forget about what they have done during the practical classes right from the beginning of the semester.” says Mr. Sathyanarayanan. So, it becomes important to remind students of the details and intricacies of their practical classes before their exams and make it convenient for them to access the same. The best way to accomplish that was to make videos of all their practical classes and post it online in their platform.

SPC started making videos from last year and currently they have over 400 videos which runs for 28+ hours in total streaming. Principal Priyesh is very optimistic about videos helping the students and also believes that such simple videos must be made even for theory subjects which will be helpful to students in everyday learning.

The challenge

Principal Priyesh admits to have faced various challenges in implementing such online systems in the institution. The first one being building infrastructure to allows students and teachers to access the content, tech-savviness of stake holders and so on. To overcome such problems students are provided access to computer labs after college hours with prior permission irrespective of their departments. To overcome these problems Principal Priyesh believes that the students can be engaged and taught better through their smart phones and this is exactly what SPC and myklassroom are trying to do together. SPC is in the process of building a digital library for students very soon.

Though adoption of technology has been slow in educational institutions in India till now, efforts taken by such institutions to utilize simple technology tools to overcome problems and improve their quality of education is commendable. After all, technology is just a tool like any other, it is up to the warriors(teachers & management) to make effective use of it.

About SPC

Sankara Polytechnic College started as a ITI institute 30 years ago has grown in to an complete Polytechnic College offering more than 6 courses (full-time and part-time). Being part of the CIICP (Canada India Institutional Co-operation Project) project SPC has offered various need-based training programs for various stakeholders in polytechnic colleges. Click here to know more about Sankara Polytechnic College.

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