MyKlassRoom - The Social Learning Platform

A powerful blend of Social networking and E-learning, which transforms the traditional classroom education to an online collaborative platform for teaching and learning.

In the age of co-creation, where everyone can contribute effectively with ease, the use of social media effectively in the field of education becomes very important to enrich the learning experiences.

With enough proliferation of online courses and educational content online, a content centric approach, which is currently adopted in virtual learning spaces has little significance in active engagement for learning. At, we strongly believe that, learning is a conversation and an experience. We built the platform to be learner centric, to actively engage them with rich learning tools by collaborating with partners globally.

What is our core?

Power of peers

Power of peers

It's becoming increasingly clear that people's behavior is shaped by their peers.

Wisdom of the crowds

Wisdom of the crowds

Online learning can be boring if not done right.



Analytics and profiling helps us to better channelize our efforts and helps us to progress.

We serve them...









How do we help you?

At, we are trying to understand the student, their skills, their needs, their interest, and map it out to most relevant content. Like any other social platform, we believe in the community to perfect the job. Our categorization engine chooses appropriate content for the student. The social group at helps us to fine-tune the results to a specific user. is built on a SAAS framework to support educational institutions in their ongoing management of their learning process.Our intelligent social mapping algorithm maps the student's profile with premium educational content available online including but not limited to lectures from premier institution like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and IIT (free/ paid service).

Myklassroom's analytical engine will help teacher to spend less time to analyze a class data and help plan class to improve the performance of the students. Our social, collaboration tools will engage all the stakeholders of a school and build a strong community of students and faculty.

Join us and start engaging in's social learning platform. - A Smart Space for Smart Learning.