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The Globalized Classroom: 18 Key Resources for 2015

All humans are citizens of the world, and teaching that fact to children in school can make them more sensitive to global issues and inspire them to look outside their own walls. A globalized classroom helps students to see the local significance of international events. How can you help your pupils adopt such a broad point of view? The following resources will inspire you to plan lessons that foster global awareness.

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Gain Inspiration From Your Fellow Educators

Even if your classroom has maintained a global focus for decades, there is always space to learn from your peers. Some of the following resources highlight specific teachers’ experiences while outline concepts that contribute toward a globalized classroom.

  • Edutopia shares an article entitled “How Do We Educate Global Problem Solvers?” wherein Zoe Weil, the president of the Institute for Humane Education, relates two strategies that can move students to think critically about global problems. The first strategy involves figuring out the “true price” of an item while the second encourages learners to think of solutions for complex global issues.
  • Scholastic highlights the experience of one teacher who promoted globalization in her kindergarten classroom by finding postcard pen pals for her class. The article features an interview with the teacher followed by steps on how you can start a similar program in your school.

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