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How Technology Can Improve College Student Success Infographic


The success of college students is getting more attention these days with rising expectations, greater accountability (yet shrinking budgets), and dismal statistics.The reality we face in higher education today invites different approaches to promote student success.

The How Technology Can Improve College Student Success identifies several ways technology can aid student success. In particular, the infographic highlights seven practices that facilitated the successful implementation of the innovations funded by Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) . They are framed to offer you evidence-based advice on how to use a classroom innovation fueled by technology to get the outcomes for students we all want to see—and that students deserve.

The 7 Building Blocks for College Completion

  1. Achieve greater impact with “whole-course” models: It’s likely that projects funded by NGLC that used whole-course models—where instructors adopt an entire course design that involves a new instructional approach and curriculum using technology—had a greater effect on student outcomes because they represented more comprehensive, tightly specified instructional change.
  2. Design student success innovations with active, self-paced, data-driven learning: NGLC-funded projects that replaced lectures with active learning methods, incorporated mastery learning components, and provided instructors with information about student progress and risk status were associated with stronger student outcomes.

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