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Keeping Students on Task With Blended Learning


What is a blended classroom? The blended classroom learning model combines face-to-face teaching with technology enhanced instruction. This includes having students use AppsQR codes, websites, surveys, and videos integrated into the lesson. Effectively and efficiently blending the classroom with these technologies can increase student engagement, motivation and build a sense of community as students collaborate more together.

The business world has also shifted into a digital community, and to help prepare students for their future careers, many schools are now a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) school. With the accessibility of smart devices (phones, kindles, iPads, etc.) and schools going wireless, it’s getting easier and easier for teachers to integrate this technology into their classrooms. Fortunately, if the students are using a school’s wireless network, many inappropriate sites are blocked; however, for students with 3G and 4G capabilities, unblocked content and social media access is still a concern. So, before you have your students take out their phones or devices, consider these suggestions to seamlessly turn your classroom into a blended classroom.

  • Limit The Number of Devices in Use
  • Give Directions
  • Require Evidence
  • Make Your Physical Presence Known
  • Have Policies for Use

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